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Catalytic Converters

Did your car fail the smog check?

Come in to The Muffler Store for expert service to protect yourself and your vehicle’s passengers from exposure to harmful gasses.

Our car’s catalytic converters do an important job to keep us safe and to minimize the pollutants released into the air. Take your car to the seasoned professionals at The Muffler Store for catalytic converter replacements and repairs to ensure the job is done right. Our reasonable rates and quick service will not disappoint you.

How to tell if you have a catalytic converter problem

  • Your vehicle’s fuel efficiency suddenly drops.
  • Your vehicle doesn’t accelerate when you step on the gas pedal
  • Your vehicle may refuse to start.
  • Your vehicle fails an emissions test.
  • The MIL or check engine light comes on

Save money by protecting your vehicle from catalytic converter theft

  • Come in to The Muffler Store to have the converter secured to your auto’s frame
  • Park in well-lit areas that are close to traffic or building entrances
  • Have your license plate number engraved on the converter so it can be traced
  • Invest in an alarm system which is set to trigger with even the slightest motion
  • Buy a catalytic converter theft deterrent system

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